The core mission of Medical Intervention is the provision of emergency and aid for populations of developing or ‘transitional’ countries, but also within Greece. The aim is to tackle severe humanitarian issues and to support these populations socially and financially as well as to contribute to the reduction of poverty.

Our targets are specifically mentioned in our articles of association. They have as follows:

Provision of medical, social, educational actions, to populations or social groups, regardless of race, religion, or political beliefs, whose current needs are not covered by existing structures or organizations, in emergency, disasters, or lingering problems, always in cooperation with the people in concern.

Research and identification of social and structural situations, which affects negatively either physical or psychologically certain populations or social groups, along with the intervention to resolve them, either by providing services or education, or intervening institutionally.

The company’s activities are based on mutual collaboration with both scientific, state, European and international organisations, as well as individuals, provided they do not contravene the ideology and aims of the company and that these activities will never, even indirectly, become for-profit.

Our criteria for intervention are strictly to meet health and human needs.

The company’s action remains independent of local and international political interests and is not involved in any disputes.