Hosting Vulnerable Ukraine Families

Medical Intervention operates an accommodation facility for single-parent families forcibly displaced from Ukraine in cooperation with the Association “Together for Children”.

The shelter is called “Irina” and is located in the center of Athens. It has a capacity of 20 places and accommodates mothers with their minor children.

The services provided are:

  • Social Support
  • Psychological support
  • Educational Support for children

A key tool in the implementation of the program is the interpersonal and stable relationship between guest beneficiaries and professionals.

The fully qualified staff team of the facility consists of a social worker, psychologist, carers, a teacher, a cook, cleaning and administrative staff.

Our goal is to provide a global and holistic framework for mothers and their children, as well as the comprehensive and personalized plan to address their needs such as housing, food, information, socializing and social integration, personal interests, entertainment, sports and creative activities for the children. In addition, for issues related to health, the main purpose is a personalized coverage of the issues that arise, at the level of primary and secondary health care.

Specifically, the services provided include:

Social service:

  • Reception of beneficiaries, providing information on their rights, as well as on the shelter’s operating rules.
  • Obtaining social history information.
  • Social counseling, support and investigation of needs and vulnerability.
  • Individual and group meetings with beneficiaries on issues related to daily living, individual needs, health, adaptation to the facility and relationships with the other guests.
  • Referral to the psychologist of the shelter.

Psychological Service:

  • Obtaining a mental health history.
  • Psychological investigation and assessment.
  • Psychological support at individual and group level.

Educational Service:

  • Assessment of educational level in Greek and English.
  • Enrollment in public schools and other educational service providers.
  • Planning and implementation of Greek and English courses within the shelter.
  • Planning and participation in educational and recreational activities inside and outside the shelter.

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