Medin in cooperation with the Microbiology Laboratory of Patra’s University, implemented a program of following up, control, and treatment support, for tuberculosis, in the area of Sheki in Caucasus.

Special attention has been paid to the multi resistant cases. The program’s target was the reduction of tuberculosis morbidity, through the improvement of health care structures of Sheki in Caucasus and by supporting their national program for tuberculosis reduction in cooperation with the World Health Organization. The program benefited the population of the mountainous area of Caucasus (around 250.000) since Sheki’s pulmonological facility was the center of reference for the area.

The facility was reconstructed by Medin with the support of the Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


Medin implemented a program for the installation of the wireless transfer of medical data, in cooperation with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Patras University, along with training for the management of emergency cases in the area of south Serbia.

The program organized the procurement and the provision of special medical and other equipment suitable for the development of mobile units for managing emergency case, i.e. ambulances with the capability of wireless transfer of medical data to the Emergency Medicine Institute of Nis, Serbia.


During 2005, with the agreement of Albanian Ministry of Health, Medin members from our Patra’s team, in cooperation with the gastroenterology department of the General University Hospital of Patras, visited on a regular basis the Hospital at Agioi Saranda, Albania.

Our team performed endoscopic operations, due to lack of trained medical personnel, locally.  The program lasted until the local personnel at Agioi Saranda Hospital received adequate training.